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EdiCitNet Global Lunch Talks #2: Making Cities Edible With Building Integrated Agriculture

By Marisa
EdiCitNet Global Lunch Talks #2: Making Cities Edible With Building Integrated Agriculture
Wednesday, March 9 2022
12:00 to 13:00

Different continents - same challenges! Let's learn from each other!

Edible City Solutions such as urban farms, community gardens, urban beehives or sheep farms, green facades and high-tech indoor farming, have a multitude of benefits for cities - from addressing local food security to boosting a sustainable green economy, improving biodiversity and enhancing social cohesion by bringing communities together to garden, harvest and share public space. 

How can we ensure that sustainable urban food measures like these are successfully integrated into the fabric of our cities now and into the future?

Although local political, economic and climatic conditions vary widely around the world, cities and independent urban food initiatives often face the same challenges when it comes to implementing these kinds of sustainable solutions, including how to access to available land, how to develop viable long-term implementation and management strategies, and how to successfully balance conflicting interests.

In the bi-monthly webinar series EdiCitNet Global Lunch Talks we are exploring experiences from different countries around the world: challenges, opportunities and best practice cases for greener, more liveable and more edible cities.

EdiCitNet Global Lunch Talk #2: Making Cities Edible With Building-Integrated Agriculture

Building-integrated urban agriculture – like rooftop farms and edible green facades – offer cities a range of ecological, socio-cultural as well as economic benefits. But what needs to be done to get the city onboard? In this 2nd webinar the EdiCitNet project will be exploring legislative and political barriers , but also chances and opportunities. Looking at Germany - and internationally - what can cities and individuals do to support the spread of building-integrated agriculture?

In this webinar we will hear from green building experts Rebecca Gohlke and Felix Mollenhauer from Bundesverband GebäudeGrün e.V. (German Association of Building Greening).

Bundesverband GebäudeGrün e. V. (BuGG) operates both as professional organisation and advocacy group for companies, communities, universities, organisations and all parties interested in building greening. BuGG deals with all aspects of building greening, i.e. green roofs, green walls, interior greening and further building structures.  Roof gardens, roof farms and edible green walls are part of nature-based ECS that offer ecological, socio-cultural as well as economic benefits. BuGG aims to promote building greening in general and ECS on roofs and facades in particular.





    • Marisa

      For anybody who missed this webinar on building-integrated agriculture, you can watch the recording now on the EdiCitNet YouTube channel.


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    • Anonymous

      I am so interested and looking forward to your webinar series EdiCitNet Global Lunch Talks =)

      - Nada Jouni

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