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BERLIN City Exchange

By Marisa
BERLIN City Exchange
Thursday, August 25 2022 10:00
to Sunday, August 28 2022 17:00

BERLIN City Exchange 2022!

Sign up here to take part in this year's EdiCitNet City Exchange with Berlin, Germany.

Berlin (3.75 million inhabitants) is the capital and biggest city of Germany located in the east of the country. As a multi-ethnic and multi-functional city, Berlin is a magnet for people and business, a city that is growing and changing. Shaping the future of Berlin as a growing green metropolis is a task that involves taking into account social, economic and environmental issues.

Berlin is the only EdiCitNet city with the hybrid role of a Front Runner City and a Follower City. As a Front Runner City, Berlin is developing a Living Lab on two sites – a former cemetery and a former agricultural enterprise – together with the EdiCitNet partner Prinzessinnengarten/Nomadisch Grün gGmbH, who have a lot of experience in community gardening. As a Follower City, Berlin will take the opportunity offered by the Masterplan process to develop new and enhance existing Edible City Solutions. 

The goal of both interventions – the Masterplan and the Living Lab – is to support socially disadvantaged neighbourhoods, to promote social cohesion and to improve quality of life in the city of Berlin.

25th-28th August: Preliminary Program

Thursday 25th: Hellersdorf

  • Tour of Estate Garden in Hellersdorf
  • EdiCitNet exhibition
  • Presentation of Masterplan
  • Visit the offices of the Neighbourhood Management (Quartiersmanagement)
  • Dinner

Friday 26th: Neukölln

  • Tour of St Jacobi Cemetery with info about cemetery conversion
  • Exhibition
  • Concert
  • Pizza evening + Edible City discussions

Friday 26th-Sunday 28th: Urban Gardening Summer Camp (Neukölln)

  • Knowledge exchange and networking on community gardens, featuring garden representatives from around Germany.
  • 100 + participants and different workshops
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    • Thomas Wachtel

      Hi Marja,

      no, it is not a problem. I moved you already to the attendees.

      Best wishes Thomas

    • Anonymous

      I Just know about the meeting in the EdiCitNet Lunch Talk with Erwin Nolde,

      hoping a registration for august is still possible?

      best wishes (from Berlin-Kreuzberg)

      Carla Schulte-Fischedick

      - Carla Schulte-Fischedick

    • Anonymous

      I registred to take part on this trip on the 16th of June but forgot to look in my mail to confirm. I hope it's not a problem?

      - Marja Versteeg

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