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Closed-Loop Urban Farming: Recycling Water + Reclaiming Nutrients

By Marisa
Closed-Loop Urban Farming: Recycling Water + Reclaiming Nutrients
Thursday, July 7 2022
12:00 to 13:00

EdiCitNet Global Lunch Talk #5: Closed Loop Urban Farming: Recycling Water + Reclaiming Nutrients

With Erwin Nolde (Nolde & Partner Innovative Water Concepts) and Martin Regelsberger (Transition Town Network Oststeiermark) 

For urban food production and the environment to go hand in hand, it’s important to consider the resources used (water, nutrients, energy, etc) and look for ways to reduce their use by closing loops. This webinar will explore the technological potentials of closed-loop urban agriculture and also present existing examples of technical approaches that are already working well around the world. 

In the second half of the webinar, participants are invited to introduce their own urban food production activities and ask for support and advice from the presenters. Based on each case, Erwin Nolde and Martin Regelsberger will suggest practical ways in which resources could be sustainably recycled and reused, closing loops and protecting the environment.

For those who have one, let us know a little bit about your urban agriculture or urban food project when signing up! 


  • Welcome (5 min)
  • Potential of and Approaches to Reclaiming Water, Nutrients and Further Resources (8 min)
  • Concrete Examples (12 min)
  • Discussion, Examples from Participants (35 min) 

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