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Community Building and Social Programming for Edible City Solutions

By Edi Emilov
Community Building and Social  Programming for Edible City Solutions
Wednesday, September 14 2022
12:00 to 13:00

EdiCitNet Global Lunch Talk #7: Community Building and Social Programming for Edible City Solutions

With Helene Gallis, Director of Partnerships and Innovation at Nabolagshager, an Oslo-based think-and-do tank that works with the social aspects of sustainable, urban development.

In this inspiring lunchbreak webinar we will go on a journey exploring different projects in urban agriculture that place strong emphasis on implementing a social programming for their site - creating an enjoyable and attractive place where a sense of community is cultivated alongside tomatoes, herbs and salad greens.

This free 1-hour session will take a closer look at examples of how edible cities can make use of complementary tools that are more commonplace in urban planning, community building and participatory strategies, and that can help to strengthen the social impact. The webinar will show practical and hands-on examples of how we, by connecting edible city strategies with placemaking strategies, can create urban diversity that brings together flora, fauna and people, leading to higher community engagement and more social resilience as well as having a positive ecological impact, highlighted by recent examples from Stensparken Community Garden in Oslo.


  • Welcome (5 min)
  • Introduction to the EdiCitNet project (5 min)
  • Presentation by Helene Gallis (25 min)
  • Open discussion (25 min) 

Who is this webinar for?

This webinar is for:

  • all community garden and urban agriculture enthusiasts who are looking to boost the social aspect of the projects they are involved with
  • for visitors to community gardens who want to understand more about how community is created through these kind of projects
  • for city administrators who work in departments dealing with parks/city greening/social affairs
  • for policy makers interested in finding out more about the power of urban agriculture + community gardens to boost public health and social cohesion

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Please note that all times are Central European Summer Time.



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