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Measure and Manage the Impact of your Edible City Initiative

By Marisa
Measure and Manage the Impact of your Edible City Initiative
Wednesday, October 19 2022
14:00 to 15:50

Measuring and managing impact is a fundamental part of running a sustainable urban food initiative,no matter what type of service or product you are offering . But how to get started with the seemingly daunting task of impact measurement and management? Join the Edible Cities Network in this expert workshop to learn more. 

Is our urban food initiative creating measurable value for our target groups? What impact are we creating for society, economy and the environment? And how can we substantially improve positive effects over time? With a sound impact management system in place, your initiative will ultimately be able to gain insights into these and other questions. In the long term, it will provide you with a multitude of benefits - from resource savings to more key stakeholders involved in your initiative and better management of your social, environmental and economic value, just to name a few. 

In this workshop, we will provide you with an introduction to the fundamentals of impact measurement and management in the context of urban agriculture. You will get the opportunity to understand how to define key impacts, how to design a theory of change for your initiative and how to determine feasible indicators. 

At the end of the workshop, you will have:

  • developed an understanding of impact orientation, impact management frameworks, their importance as well as practical implementation
  • designed a theory of change and suitable first indicators for your urban agriculture initiative
  • determined necessary next steps to continue your impact management efforts to drive organisational change and create more impact

Who should join?

The workshop is designed for anyone involved in an urban agriculture initiative, project or business and looking to learn more about the principles of impact measurement and management to develop practices suitable to their initiative.

About the Edible Cities Network

The Edible Cities Network (EdiCitNet) is an EU-funded project designing and implementing urban food innovations and sustainable urban planning for greener, more edible and, above all, more liveable cities. The workshop is offered as part of the EdiCitNet marketplace, a global platform which provides collaborative networking and expert and consultancy services for Edible City initiatives and entrepreneurs across the world.





    • Martin Regelsberger

      Unfortunately I didn't find the link to the event. I am actually not sure whether as a project partner I wouldn't like to just find the link somewhere to be able to join, instead of going through the registration process having to wait for the link to be sent to me. This wouldn't exclude registration nevertheless. Regards, Martin

      • Laura Bouwman

        Hi, I did register but not get a link to the event. Where can I find it? best, Laura

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