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Edible Cities Networking Session #4: Groen010, Prinzessinnengarten Kollektiv, Brighton & Hove Food Partnership

By Marisa
Edible Cities Networking Session #4: Groen010, Prinzessinnengarten Kollektiv, Brighton & Hove Food Partnership
Thursday, September 29 2022
12:00 to 13:00

EVENT POSTPONED UNTIL OCTOBER! New date will follow soon!!

Join the Edible Cities Network on Thursday September 29th 12.00-13.00 (CEST) to talk about green, sustainable, social cities and what green city organisations around Europe are doing to support a sustainable urban food future.

Join us in September to talk to members of Edible City Initiatives from around the world.

Nienke Bouwhuis from Groen010 and Krachtgroen (from Rotterdam, the Netherlands) about:

  • Starting up an edible green initiative or collaboration
  • Harnessing the strength of collaborating in networks
  • The various benefits of green & edible community spaces in urban areas
  • Using the values of green food initiatives to become more sustainable

Paula Firmbach from Prinzessinnengarten Kollektiv (Berlin, Germany) about:

  • Setting up and managing a community garden in a cemetery in Berlin
  • Integrating edible green infrastructure in new housing developments
  • Developing and commercializing edible city products
  • Learning & growing together

And Ruth Smart from the Brighton & Hove Food Project (Brighton, UK) about:

  • Community food-waste solutions - community composting / surplus food redistribution / building knowledge around reducing food waste
  • Setting up and managing food partnerships in the UK
  • Building up and sustaining urban food communities and networks

This online networking event will be held on the platform wonder.me, which allows participants to wander around the space and dip in and out of different discussions. Click here to check out our guide to how the tool works.

Sign up via the link below and you'll receive the link via email.

We look forward to seeing you there!



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