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Setting up a citywide Community Composting Scheme: Our Story

By Elena Heim
Setting up a citywide Community Composting Scheme: Our Story
Friday, October 21 2022
13:00 to 14:30

We started our first community composting scheme in 2011, with the vision of having 10 community composting schemes across the city. Fast forward ten years and we now have over 40 schemes, which help over 1000 committed residents across the city reduce their food waste and contribute to local biodviersity. These schemes have been successful in unexpected ways, too - members of our schemes repeatedly report how being part of a community composting scheme helps them feel part of a community within the city.

We receive many enquiries from people looking to learn from our experience and to setup similar projects elsewhere. We are a small team with limited capacity to respond individually to these enquiries so we decided to setup an event where we could share what we’ve learned. We'd love to see community composting schemes sprouting up across the country!

Join us at this webinar to find out more about our journey so far – from the initial idea, to recruiting volunteers, getting the council on board, designing the perfect bins, and much much more. There will be plenty of time for FAQs, too.



Please note this event is for people who are involved in running or setting up a similar project. Ticket fees help fund our staff time running the event and secure your space, but if cost is a barrier to you attending, please just donate what you feel able to, as we want to make sure this information is accessible to all.

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