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Spring clean up party at Linderud community garden // Vårdugnadsfest

By Elena Heim
Spring clean up party at Linderud community garden // Vårdugnadsfest
Thursday, March 30 2023
14:00 to 19:00

Welcome to the spring clean up party at Linderud community garden on Thursday 30th March, from 2 - 7 pm.

We clean, sort and create smart systems inside the garden shed and prepare the greenhouse for raising seedlings. Eliana and Zoita take on the main responsibility for preparing a shared meal, everyone helps out where needed. Payment for the meal at the site. There will be music and we will gather ideas for further development of the common areas and meeting place.


Velkommen til felles vårdugnadsfest i og rundt Gartnerboligen, for alle i nærmiljøhagen! Torsdag 30. mars, 14-19.

Vi rydder, sorterer og lager smarte systemer inni Gartnerboligen og skuret og klargjør Vinkastet for oppal av planter. Eliana og Zoita tar hovedansvar for fellesmåltid, alle hjelper til og vippser. Det blir musikk og vi samler idéer for videre utvikling av fellesarealene.
Vel møtt!

Linderud community garden at Linderud gård
Trondheimsveien 319, Oslo, NorwegenPlan my route
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