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Terrarium Workshop @studio nagelneu

By Elena Heim
Terrarium Workshop @studio nagelneu
Sunday, April 30 2023
11:00 to 13:00

Hello forest lovers!

Come join me for another round of workshops in the lovely Nagelneu studio, located at Hermannstraße 103, 12051 Berlin.

Sat   29.4.23 17:00-19:30

Sun  30.4.23 11:00- 13:30
Sun 14.5.23 11:00- 13:30
Sat   20.5.23 11:00- 13:30

*The number of participants is limited so please register here: tipuanaberlin@gmail.com
During the 2.5-hour workshop, I will provide you with all the materials you need, including a glass jar (1.9L), mesh, soil mix, tropical plants, moss, wood, and stones for decoration. You’ll get a chance to express your creativity and create your own unique terrarium, while also receiving valuable maintenance tips to ensure your ecosystem thrives long after the workshop ends.

The minimum donation to cover all costs is €40.


Looking forward to creating with you!


The workshop is in English and broken Deutsch ????

studio nagelneu
Hermannstraße, Berlin, DeutschlandPlan my route
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