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REACT-EdiCitNet participation in the ENVIROFEST Eco-Responsible Village at the Cité de la Culture from 19 to 21 May 2023

By Elena Heim
Friday, May 19 2023 10:00
to Sunday, May 21 2023 18:00

REACT as an actor in the protection of the environment is accepted to animate workshops for the public in a stand in the ECORESPONSIBLE VILLAGE OF ENVIROFEST. The village gives visibility to eco-responsible initiatives and allows them to make their products and services known, thus contributing to the raising of the public's environmental awareness.
The EdiCitNet project is presented through a survey on the contribution of Edible Cities Solutions ECS to reduce the impact of climate change on cities. Discussions with associations, representatives of civil society involved and the public on the consequences and solutions to be undertaken while sharing experiences and actions for the environmental cause will be taken in the village. The survey aims to raise public awareness of the impact of climate change on the quality of life in cities, to know the level of awareness of the consequences of climate change on biodiversity, on water quality, on the temperature in urban areas, the risk of flooding and the availability and quality of water.
REACT also held a stand to present the different projects in which the association is involved and to present the game " Let's learn botany by playing".

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