City Team Montevideo

City Team Montevideo

Montevideo is the capital of Uruguay and is located on the banks of the Rio de la Plata. With an area of 530 square kilometers, nearly 60% of which is rural and a population of almost 1.5 million inhabitants.

The urban area has multiple green spaces, of which 60% are in custody of institutions that offer services for the benefit of the community. At the same time, its streets and avenues are full of trees that contrast with almost twice as many vehicles that circulate in the city.

In contrast, in the deteriorated old town of Montevideo to counteract the strong social problems and lack of public green spaces for young and old people, civil initiatives are developing gardening projects. The local government promotes urban agriculture through primary schools to encourage environmental education. The Ministry of Education and Culture recently launched the “Plantar es cultura” (“Planting is culture”) programme to support community gardens and agro-biodiversity.

The Ministry of Education and Culture is  partner of the EdiCitnet and works in close coordination with the Municipality of Montevideo and other actors to execute the project in an integral and inter-institutional way.



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