City Team Guangzhou

City Team Guangzhou

Guangzhou city (18.67 million inhabitants) is the capital of the Province of Guangdong and a major port. Together with other metropolitan areas located in the Pearl River Delta Economic Zone, it forms part of one of the largest metropolitan agglomerations in the world (ca. 45 million inhabitants). The opening up to foreign investment in the 1980s led to a rapid economic development of the area that resulted in a large-scale conversion of agricultural land to urban development and industrial uses.

Today, meeting the daily food needs of the growing population and ensuring access to safe food constitute important challenges in the city. Guangzhou already has a well-developed food production, distribution, use and recycling system with an established food supply chain and diversified and rich food culture, while the government has initiated a number of policies and plans aimed at ensuring access to food for city dwellers.

A growing interest in increased quality of life, however, in the context of growing population density, particularly in central parts of the city, the loss of green spaces in the city centre, reduced levels of biodiversity and increasing exposure to heavy rainfall and typhoons, have added to a growing interest in exploring the multi-faceted benefits that urban agriculture could provide.

The Guangzhou City Team, which includes representatives from government agencies and specifically municipal community engagement teams, research institutions and a design agency, is envisioned as a policy research and planning team that aims to effectively promote ECS planning projects. The main objectives of the City Team are to promote safe, stable and efficient food supply in the city, and to encourage community-based public participation in urban food planning.

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