EdiCitNet Business Consulting Services Group

EdiCitNet Business Consulting Services Group

This is a group to exchange resources and knowledge among people involved in an Edible City initiative, looking to further develop the financial sustainability model of theirorganization.

Food production in urban areas is a major step towards more sustainable, liveable and healthy cities. However, it is not easy to survive or grow as an Edible City initiative under immense cost pressure in the urban setting and the limited access to land. That is why the EdiCitNet consulting team provides effective consultancy services to initiatives, NGOs, small businesses and other organizations that create solutions for urban food systems all across the globe. We can help you and your team to identify the necessary and sufficient conditions for economic, environmental and social success, and equip you with tools, resources and networking to explore solutions and address the needs of your organization.

Our main consulting services:

We offer a range of professional consulting services with a focus on sustainable development models and marketing and promotional strategies: 

  • Strategy consulting to help organizations to create plans for improving their performance and meet their defined goals. 
  • Business and financial consulting to help organizations to improve their financial strategies and create more efficient procedures to achieve economic sustainability.
  • Marketing consulting to help organizations to develop their strategies to improve branding and better reach consumers.
  • Brand consulting to help organizations to discover new ways for presenting and communicating the value of their work and activities to the public in the most appealing and advantageous manner possible.

We can also provide consulting services with in the following focus areas:

  • Sustainable water and wastewater management in urban areas
  • Green roof, façade greening and interior greening design and technology
  • Urban ecology, regenerative agriculture, cultivation climate-smart solutions and community engagement.



Closed group with content restricted to members: membership will be accepted upon invitation (or validation of a request by an administrator of the group).