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    • Petra de Koning

      News from Living Lab Rotterdam

      An enthousiastic group of green (food)initiators has come together to organise a city-wide campaign. The goal is to activate as many citizens as possible to do something with green spaces and with green edible spaces in their neighbourhood. And we...
      • Petra de Koning

        Visiting Berlin City Exchange

        Last weekend we attended the Berlin City Exchange. It was of great value to us to visit the green spots in this lovely city and to exchange ideas with initiatives from all over the world. It’s so good to know that we all are working on the...
        • Petra de Koning

          Rotterdam Groencafe #1

          Last Friday, we started a new tradition (or renewed an old one…), Groencafe. Every month we visite a green spot or initiative in Rotterdam to meet with other green people, to connect, get inspired and help each other. The first one,...