The role of cities for change! Upcoming Daring Cities online (and free) conference!

Are you aware of the municipalist movement? Barcelona and Madrid were two of the first cities to participate as Fearless Cities back in 2015. Also referred to as a translocal movement, cities around the world are realising their resources and potential from the ground up, to catalyse their tools for change and to work together to confront climate change and other urgent social and environmental justice issues. You can read more about the movement here and here. ICLEI and the City of Bonn's upcoming online, free event - Daring Cities - discusses similar opportunities showcasing urban leaders who are taking on the climate emergency.

As stated on their website: "Created by ICLEI and the city of Bonn, Daring Cities is a radical, action-oriented online forum to recognise and empower courageous urban leaders – including mayors and other decision-makers, technical staff, researchers, private sector representatives, and community organizers – to disrupt business-as-usual and shift towards business-as-possible. Daring Cities showcases and catalyses exemplary local climate action to tackle the climate emergency, including ambitious resilience-building and climate mitigation efforts. Urban leaders, such as mayors, city councilors, administration, technical staff, thought leaders and researchers, business leaders, civil society decision-makers and community organizers, are invited to be a part of this productive and action-oriented event."

The event is held from 7-28 October 2020, offering many high level and visionary speaking sessions, informative workshops and networking opportunities! To register for the free online event go here.

Do you consider your city to already be part of the municipalist movement? What aspects would you like to share with others, or have shared with you? What can EdiCitNet offer this movement? We'd love to hear your thoughts! Please add your comments on this topic below!

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