Building in inclusivity to our food systems

Inclusive food systems are a key aim for our City Teams where urban food projects can offer great opportunities to create new networks and improve local conditions. IFPRI (the International Food Policy Research Institute) recently released the report, 'Building Inclusive Food Systems' that examines how our food systems can be reshaped to reach the people who need equitable, just and sustainable food the most, with a focus on youth, women and refugees, amongst others. So too are the conditions of regional food systems considered with specific sections dedicated to: Africa, Middle East and North Africa, Central, South, East and South-East Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.

The webpage devoted to the report is very extensive where you can read/ download the full report and individual sections, including a section on INDICATORS, blogposts, and even an INTERACTIVE PORTAL where you can read through key issues and solutions in a dynamic way.

It would be great to build up a theme on inclusive food systems to support our City Teams and EdiCitNet in general. Please feel free to post other reports, strategies and your own comments on aspects for building inclusive food systems!


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