Nature4Cities Virtual Forum with NBS experts, 19-20 May 2020, online and free!

Shared by WP2 (thank you!) is the upcoming Nature4Cities Virtual Forum to help you discover useful insights and tools to foster your NBS projects. Topics are very relevant to EdiCitNet and include: tools, methods and guides to renature cities, creating, assessing, implementing NBS projects! Ie. Sessions will ask and explore: How to guarantee a project with positive financial and human impact? How to involve citizens into the planning process? How to build a green Business Model ?

This interactive event will allow you to share your questions and get answers from a wide range of NBS experts. The program can be found here on the Nature4Cities Website. The registration link is here.

If you are able to attend, why not share tips and reflections with EdiCitNet cities and the rest of the Consortium? Comments are welcome below!

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