Don't forget the urban trees! Tree Rings webinar series as part of the Urban Tree Festival

The Urban Tree Festival website with CPRE London presents a series of webinars starting yesterday (sorry this is a little late - there's so much on!) as part of the 2020 online Urban Tree Festival. These webinars 'explore a range of contemporary issues concerning trees in and around urban areas with leading policy makers and practitioners. Topics will range from their contribution to a sense of place and the role they play in responding to climate change, to how they can help build stronger, more healthy communities, and provide opportunities to connect with nature and the countryside'.

The website looks absolutely beautiful, with topics from highly respected scientists and speakers including:

  • London’s Street Trees (2-3pm, Thursday 21 May)
  • The Urban Orchard (2-3pm, Saturday 23 May)
  • Great Trees (2-3pm, Sunday 24th May)

There is so much going online right now that can help boost content and knowledge sharing for EdiCitNet related themes! I hope you can enjoy some of these events! Please feel free to add comments below.

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