Upcoming AMS Institute 'Urban Living Labs Summit 2020'

This upcoming online summit may be of interest to many of you! Run by the AMS Institute, an internationally institute that brings together practitioners, engineers, designers, and natural and social scientists to develop and valorize integrated metropolitan solutions, it explores the process, tools and experiences of Urban Living Labs!

The full program can be found here. The event is online, free and will be run from 2-6pm CET, Monday 22 June. Please jump online to their website to register

More specifically, the Summit will address: 

● What tools can be used for designing, measuring impact, collaborating, and learning within Living Labs?

● How have these tools been proven helpful for living labs to reach their goals?

● What are lessons/insights that have been learned by living lab practitioners during this Corona crisis?

Please feel free to share and hope to see you there!

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