City Team Meeting 3rd of December 2021 - Masterplan content and first scenario drafts for Berlin

Our December meeting started with a warm welcome to new city team members: a representative of the Berlin Gardener’s association (Kleingartenverband), members of the administration and a representative from the private sector.

The structure of the Masterplan, drafted during November’s meeting, was further developed, and presented to the City Team. Remarks and additions to different chapters were discussed among everyone and a small group was formed, which will continue to work on the structure.

Based on the Social Challenge for Berlin, City Team members had written down early last year, the later developed fields of action, and their respective system elements, December’s City Team brainstormed on possible scenarios for the TPM process. A total of 20 drafts for scenarios was the outcome of a just 15 minutes brainstorming session in small working groups. Ideas varied from city wide implementation of community composts, to changing regulations so more fruit trees are planted in the city or the claim for strategic planning instruments to secure areas for ECS in the city. In order to continue this good work, the working groups will gather again before January’s City Team meeting.

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