Berlin City Team Meeting 14th of January 2022 – Masterplan structure and group work

In the first meeting of 2022, the structure and content of the Masterplan was finalized. Berlin's Masterplan is to be divided into three overarching chapters:

  • What's it about? - General

Introduction of EdiCitNet, Transition-Pathway-Methode (TPM), participants and Masterplan in general.

  • What do we want to achieve and how do we proceed? – ECS and social challenges

Presentation of the five fields of action and the theses on the Social Challenges for Berlin developed for them.

  • How do we do it? – Implementation steps & conditions for success

Practical recommendations, best practice examples and implementation strategies round off the Masterplan.

In the next step, the subgroups will meet separately to advance the scenario development and action plan development in their topic area in order to come together again in the large group in March.

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