Berlin HYBRID City Team Meeting 4th of April 2022

In the April meeting of 2022, for the first time in two years the City Team had the opportunity to meet up in person to discuss the content of the Masterplan. Half of the participants followed the invitation, the other half joined through a hybrid set up and discussed vividly all contents online.  

In the first half of the meeting five hypotheses developed based on the 5 identified fields of action were discussed: 
Science and Education, Participation and Neighbourhood, Eco justice, Environment and Climate, Urban Food Systems and Urban Planning. 

As an output of the TPM process and the previous work in smaller groups, the scenario ‘Edible neighbourhoods for Berlin' was developed. During the second half of the meeting milestones for the implementation and the minimum requirements have been set, following this question: 

  • How many / which dimensions does an edible neighbourhood have to include?  
    Multi-functional spaces 
    Participation and sense of belonging 
    Easy access

Based on the outcomes of April’s meeting the Masterplan will continue to grow with the support of the City Team members in a co-creational way. 

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