Visiting Berlin City Exchange

Last weekend we attended the Berlin City Exchange. It was of great value to us to visit the green spots in this lovely city and to exchange ideas with initiatives from all over the world. It’s so good to know that we all are working on the same issues and that we face the same kind of problems, such as struggling to work within the current system of the local administration and legislation. On the other hand we could inspire each other with practical solutions, for example on how to deal with the drought and heavy rainfalls as well as nasty neighbours. As a frontrunner City it was very nice to notice that we could inspire others with our experiences: organizing ourselves as initiatives all over the city and using the Diamond Model  as a tool to show the value of your initiatives. We are very much looking forward to meet you all at the Rotterdam City Exchange at the end of September.

by Marja Versteeg, Stadskwekerij de Kas

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