Edible Cities Networking Session #3: Andernach, Oslo & Berlin (May 2022)

edible cities networking session may oslo berlin andernach.jpg


Join us on Wednesday May 25th 13-14.00 (CEST) to talk about green, sustainable, social cities and what city administrations around Europe are doing to innovate for more sustainable urban food systems.

This online networking event will be held on the platform wonder.me, which allows participants to wander around the space and dip in and out of different discussions.

This time, we we will be offering spaces to talk with city representatives from the EdiCitNet project:

  • Anneli Karlsson from the City of Andernach, Germany
  • Hilde Herrebroden from the Agency for Urban Environment, Oslo, Norway
  • Tina Hilbert from the Senate Department for Urban Development and Housing, Berlin, Germany

There will also be a fourth area set aside for open discussion.

We look forward to seeing you there!


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