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  • City Team Rotterdam

    City Team Rotterdam

    The general goal of the Living Lab Rotterdam is setting up a city-wide green initiatives network to ensure the continuity of (edible) green initiatives in the city. Main challenges are streamlining responsibilities at a municipal scale and optimizing processes and interactions between the munici...
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  • City Team Andernach

    City Team Andernach

      Der Gemeinschaftsgarten in Andernach ist eine Experimentierfläche (Real-Labor) zur kreativen Auseinandersetzung mit Lebensmitteln und zur Förderung des sozialen Zusammenhalts.    The community garden of Andernach is an experimental area (Living Lab) for creative food solutions and to engange...
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  • City Team Oslo

    City Team Oslo

    The Living Lab Oslo, run as Linderud community garden, is a space, where local communities, entrepreneurs and educational institutions meet to farm, learn and grow together. We have the goal to use urban agriculture as a tool to connect a diverse group of people from the local area to create a fl...
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  • City Team Guangzhou

    City Team Guangzhou

    Guangzhou city (18.67 million inhabitants) is the capital of the Province of Guangdong and a major port. Together with other metropolitan areas located in the Pearl River Delta Economic Zone, it forms part of one of the largest metropolitan agglomerations in the world (ca. 45 million inhabitants)...
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  • City Team Montevideo

    City Team Montevideo

    Montevideo is the capital of Uruguay and is located on the banks of the Rio de la Plata. With an area of 530 square kilometers, nearly 60% of which is rural and a population of almost 1.5 million inhabitants. The urban area has multiple green spaces, of which 60% are in custody of institutions t...
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  • City Team Berlin

    City Team Berlin

      Berlin is the capital and biggest city of Germany located in the east of the country. With its character as multi-ethnic and multi-functional city and its 3.75 million inhabitants Berlin is a magnet for people and business, a city that is growing and changing. Shaping the future of Berlin as a...
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      • Iris Kroeger


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        • Marisa

          EdiCitNet Global Lunch Talks #1: Integrating Edible City Solutions in Southern China - Best Practices from Guangzhou

          Different continents - same challenges! Let's learn from each other!   Edible City Solutions such as urban farms, community gardens, urban beehives or sheep farms, green facades and high-tech indoor farming, have a multitude of benefits for cities - from addressing local food security to b...
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