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  • City Team Oslo

    City Team Oslo

    The Living Lab Oslo, run as Linderud community garden, is a space, where local communities, entrepreneurs and educational institutions meet to farm, learn and grow together. We have the goal to use urban agriculture as a tool to connect a diverse group of people from the local area to create a fl...
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    • Marisa

      New PUBLICATION from an EdiCitNet Conference presenter: Why do people in Oslo get involved in urban neighbourhood and community gardens?

      Pia Cathrin Kristiansen, Marit Ingeborg Kvernmoen and Thea Nørvåg, public health students from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, who gave a presentation at the EdiCitNet Conference in February 2022 have now published a “POP” about their study, called "Monitoring ...
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      • Marisa

        OSLO City Exchange

        OSLO City Exchange 2022! Sign up here to take part in this year's EdiCitNet City Exchange with Oslo, Norway. Oslo (683,794 inhabitants), the capital of Norway and the country’s largest city, is one of the fastest growing cities in Europe. Located between the Fjord and the protected Marka,...
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