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    • Ferne

      Upcoming AMS Institute 'Urban Living Labs Summit 2020'

      This upcoming online summit may be of interest to many of you! Run by the AMS Institute, an internationally institute that brings together practitioners, engineers, designers, and natural and social scientists to develop and valorize integrated metropolitan solutions, it explores the process...
      Tags: co-creation, living labs, event, AMS Institute, city-to-city knowledge sharing
      • Ferne

        Upcoming ENOLL Digital Living Lab Days from 2 to 4 September

        Also of interest for those who would like to know more about the co-creation process is the upcoming ENOLL (European Network of Open Living Labs) who are holding their Digital Living Lab Day online from 2-4 September. Open Living Lab Days is the annual gathering of the global...
        Tags: co-creation, living labs, ULL, knowledge sharing, event